Tasti Nut Butter Bars

To capture the growing trend of the natural energy and good fats found in nut butter, Tasti developed a new snack bar that delivers delicious taste and texture. Combining real smooth and creamy nut butter with crispy, crunchy nuts, oats and a chocolate base, Tasti Nut Butter Bar is a layered taste experience for everyday indulgence.

To tell this story, we developed a visual language around the idea of 'smoothlicreamy'    which was translated into super close-up photography of the bar and natural nut butter. This was amplified by resisting the use of additional front of pack messaging and graphic elements which are common within the category. The result is a snacking range that drives serious appetite appeal and nut butter goodness by showing the product in all its mouth-watering glory. 

Smoothlicreamy goodness.

Onfire Design

Work undertaken: Creative Direction, Packaging, Photography Direction, Copywriting